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Saddle Up Life Skills offers a range of interactive programs that build skills to empower and uplift youth, women and teen girls.

The philosophy behind everything we do at our facility is to empower individuals while working alongside the horse, help them to tap into their unique zone of genius, and inspire every client to strive toward a higher level of self-satisfaction in both their personal and professional lives.


Saddle Up Life Skills wants to partner with you for success in developing skills for life while partnering with our horses! Founded in 2021 with the desire to help people become their most authentic selves, while experiencing all that horses have to teach us.


Strive Towards A Better YOU.


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Skills For Life: For Youth In Dallas, Texas and area


With Horses

The strength, loyalty and humility of a horse bring about a sense of balance, strength and agility that perfectly balances the human psyche.

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Skills For Life: For Teens In Dallas, Texas and area


Reach Your Full Potential

We help youth, teens and women to feel empowered, bold and gutsy about themselves and what they want to do in life.

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Skills For Life: For Women In Dallas, Texas and area


Into Your Authentic Self

We know in our hearts that if we can make a difference in one human’s life and help with growth and development AND provide relief and tools people can utilize, we will have succeeded in our life’s mission - to change someone's world one human at a time!

Build Confidence

Driven to help women and teens to navigate their life journey with warmth, kindness, empathy and truth.

Develop Life Skills

These programs are not a cookie-cutter approach. They are unique, powerful learning experiences taught largely by our truth-telling ponies.

Unleash Your Inner Leader

Powerful, transformative, and positive experiences that uncover inner speed bumps impacting personal and professional effectiveness.

Increase Self Awareness

Find clarity, purpose, and passion for your life. It's time to RECLAIM a piece of yourself again!


Benefits of working with horses to find empowerment

    When I teach you, I will never judge you! I will never lie to you! I am a teller of truth as that is ONLY what I can do because of my brain! I will bring love and healing to your heart! I will offer you a way to smile, giggle, and have FUN!! This learning I promise to you doesn’t just stay in the arena, this learning you will transfer into your own life!
    To be prey is to be vulnerable. Their job is to not be killed. The number #1 thing a prey animal needs to feel is SAFE! A horse's senses are highly astute and can tell in a moment when thoughts from the mind and feelings from your gut are off. They can hear our heartbeat, and they will react to the slightest changes within a team; allowing facilitators to find those “teachable moments” for your organization. Horse movements are linked to emotion. Horses are the most feeling of beings so use their intuitive vs thinking, as humans do. They are just like us - sort of. Movement is the key to a horse, primarily forward movement. Everything about staying alive involves forward movement, which parallels us, humans. Herds to horses are just like teams to people. Horses require a leader to trust, respect and keep them safe, just like we appreciate having in the workplace. This gives us the ability to parallel everything that happens to real-life situations so that what you learn really sticks within each human! Quite simply, the horse does the teaching; facilitators are only there to offer an explanation and provide guidance as you work through the solution. Working with horses creates memories that can be applied to our lives and retained far longer than sitting in ‘just another classroom.’ This program offers lasting change because you can't fool the teacher!
    Equine Assisted Learning is a learner-based educational, experiential experience with horses. More specifically, it is an effective approach to human development that encourages individual and team growth. Participants engage in objectively driven exercises. They find themselves learning valuable life skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere while working with horses. Exercises are developed to encourage self-confidence through validated, hands-on experiences. Equine Assisted Learning has proven to be useful, powerful, positive, educational, and creative.
    We focus on skills that help participants move forward in life, such as how to communicate feelings more effectively by using verbal and nonverbal communication tools. While our horse-assisted learning programs help participants learn how to interact effectively with others, improve self-confidence, and build problem-solving and decision-making skills, it is NOT equine therapy. Equine Assisted Learning works because the teachers are the horses!
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Empowering Teens, Women & Teams For Success

Life Skills Programs & Workshops

Tween & Teen Girl's Day Out

Our ‘Be You’ Empowerment program has been specifically designed for tween and teen girls, empowering them with the skills they need to embrace their future with confidence and joy! Participants are guided in building their self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem ensuring they develop REAL tools to support them through what can be challenging adolescent years.

tween & teen empowerment workshop dallas, texas

For Tween & Teen Girls

Women's Workshops & Programs

Our life skills workshops & programs were designed to work with women to help them discover their soul purpose in life! Partnering with horses to help women grow within themselves and realize their true potential. We help to guide women to self-discovery by providing life skills development that is essential for women moving their life forward with confidence.

personal and professional development for women dallas, texas

For Women

team building events texas

Team Building Events & Leadership Development

Escape the confines of the boardroom and trade in your power point presentations for a thrilling and immersive experience outdoors. Engage your team and future leaders in Leadership Development and Team Building activities that are sure to leave a lasting impact. Give your leaders and employees the opportunity to grow, connect, and thrive in a truly unique and impactful way.

For Corporate

My 9 year old son and I both deal with anxiety. We came to Saddle Up Life skills to try and help my son with his fear of the unknown and getting overwhelmed, which results in shutting down.
Gen was really great about listening to me as a parent, and what I was hoping for my son to get out of the sessions. Each session we had different tasks we had to do with our teacher, Spirit. Watching my son gain confidence with each session was very rewarding. Now when he comes to something he is unsure about, all I have to do is remind him that he can get a 14,000 lb. horse to listen and obey him, and it instills confidence in him.

As a parent I also got a lot out of the sessions. I learned that in order to lead, no matter what it is, I need to lead with confidence, which is something I struggle with.

As a family we really had to work together as a team during the tasks. Communication was key because we all had to come up with ideas on how to complete the task which wasn’t always easy. 
I highly recommend Saddle Up Life Skills for anyone that is needing to overcome a hurdle in their life, or to simply improve their communication with others.

Marcie White



Why choose us? Our horses guarantee an outcome every single time!

Saddle Up Life Skills

Unforgettable Experience

An amazing experience for women who are feeling the perils of work/life balance and teen girls who are dealing with the complexities of growing up in a world of judgment and comparison.

Saddle Up Life Skills

Partner With Horses As Your Teacher

Partnering with horses to help youth, tweens, teens and women to grow within themselves and realize their true potential. Our mission is to help teens and women in our community to move forward in life with confidence and pure joy.

Saddle Up Life Skills

All Skills Learned Will Transfer Back To Life

All skills learned while attending our experiential programs will parallel and transfer back to everyday life helping your clients build an armour of skills. When we work with these amazing teachers, they help us to apply the lessons that we learn in the arena to our own lives.

Saddle Up Life Skills

A Guaranteed Outcome Every Time

This isn’t a loose cannon. Through our Fundamental Principals and Form of Delivery, we can guarantee an outcome every time.The learned skills don’t just stay in the arena. All objectives are paralleled back to everyday life and help you to gain the skills and the self-esteem to live the lives you were truly meant for. 

Saddle Up Life Skills Genevieve Nicholas Dallas, Texas


Experience a lasting and sustainable transformation as the horses inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your best self.

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