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team building activities and leadership development programs texas

Unique & Innovative Team Building Event In Texas

Corporate Team Building
And Leadership Development

Unique Team Building & Corporate Leadership Event
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We have been trained by the world-renowned Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc, who certifies all over the world through the Academy of Equine Assisted Learning BuildingBlock™ course. You will see Equine Connection instructors in the videos provided, these will give a better understanding of the value of our programs and workshops.

Achieve Profitable Results with Our Team Building Workshops.

Escape the confines of the boardroom and trade in your power point presentations for a thrilling and immersive experience outdoors. Engage your team and future leaders in Leadership Development and Team Building activities that are sure to leave a lasting impact. In this dynamic environment, business leaders must discover innovative ways to connect and engage with their teams. Step away from the confines of the office and embrace the transformative experience awaiting you and your team at Saddle Up Life Skills. Give your leaders and employees the opportunity to grow, connect, and thrive in a truly unique and impactful way.

Unique Team Building Activities Texas


Immediate Results and Lasting Change!

Being an effective leader in today's corporate world demands a unique skill set that differs greatly from previous generations. Employees now seek more meaningful work, personal growth, and purpose in their daily professional lives. With the freedom to explore new opportunities, they are no longer bound by long-term contracts with their employers.

The fast-paced nature of the modern world requires companies to exhibit greater creativity, innovation, intuition, and results to enhance client satisfaction and improve the bottom line. This constant pressure often leads to excessive mental activity and overstimulation, resulting in stress and anxiety. In this state of distress, we become disconnected from our core values, creativity, and ability to think clearly. 

Whether you’re looking to provide innovative solutions or learn new skills, real conversations, real collaboration, and the opportunity to move forward together are what our workshops are all about. Our team leadership events provide a brilliant opportunity to align with your company's values, goals, and bottom line, ultimately leading to increased profits.

Ready to think outside of the box? Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for your team!

Team Building Texas

What makes our programs so unique is that your team can't fool the teacher.

Horses provide immediate and authentic feedback, allowing participants to truly experience the power of connection, leadership, and confidence in decision-making. By engaging with these magnificent creatures, individuals can gain invaluable insights and learn firsthand the impact of their actions.


By participating in our highly enjoyable and memorable workshops, teams acquire exceptional workplace communication skills in a collaborative rather than competitive setting. This enables them to effectively navigate challenges such as generation gaps and other issues commonly faced in the workplace.

team building events in texas

The goal of this day is to help your organization reach its full potential, and by joining forces with us, you will be able to achieve that goal.

    When I teach you, I will never judge you! I will never lie to you! I am a teller of truth as that is ONLY what I can do because of my brain! I will bring love and healing to your heart! I will offer you a way to smile, giggle, and have FUN!! This learning I promise to you doesn’t just stay in the arena, this learning you will transfer into your own life!
    To be prey is to be vulnerable. Their job is to not be killed. The number #1 thing a prey animal needs to feel is SAFE! A horse's senses are highly astute and can tell in a moment when thoughts from the mind and feelings from your gut are off. They can hear our heartbeat, and they will react to the slightest changes within a team; allowing facilitators to find those “teachable moments” for your organization. Horse movements are linked to emotion. Horses are the most feeling of beings so use their intuitive vs thinking, as humans do. They are just like us - sort of. Movement is the key to a horse, primarily forward movement. Everything about staying alive involves forward movement, which parallels us, humans. Herds to horses are just like teams to people. Horses require a leader to trust, respect and keep them safe, just like we appreciate having in the workplace. This gives us the ability to parallel everything that happens to real-life situations so that what you learn really sticks within each human! Quite simply, the horse does the teaching; facilitators are only there to offer an explanation and provide guidance as you work through the solution. Working with horses creates memories that can be applied to our lives and retained far longer than sitting in ‘just another classroom.’ This program offers lasting change because you can't fool the teacher!
    Equine Assisted Learning is a learner-based educational, experiential experience with horses. More specifically, it is an effective approach to human development that encourages individual and team growth. Participants engage in objectively driven exercises. They find themselves learning valuable life skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere while working with horses. Exercises are developed to encourage self-confidence through validated, hands-on experiences. Equine Assisted Learning has proven to be useful, powerful, positive, educational, and creative.
    We focus on skills that help participants move forward in life, such as how to communicate feelings more effectively by using verbal and nonverbal communication tools. While our horse-assisted learning programs help participants learn how to interact effectively with others, improve self-confidence, and build problem-solving and decision-making skills, it is NOT equine therapy. Equine Assisted Learning works because the teachers are the horses!


This is why our team building programs are unique & innovative:

leadership development texas


How Will Our Team Benefit From These Team Leadership Events?

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Horses, being prey animals, react instantly. This brings about change that is required amongst your team immediately, making your team more successful! 

Enhance Critical Thinking Skills _ Team Development Programs.jpg


Discover how to negotiate, problem solve and communicate to reach the goals and objectives your company desires! Not only will this team-building workshop help your organization to think outside of the box, it also offers irrefutable results! 

Create Team Players.jpg


Help your organization develop essential skills, behaviors and attitudes that will make them successful team players!

Successful Communication.jpg


Encourage your team to discover their individual communication skills, to successfully communicate and work together as a team to hit your goals.

Build Future Leaders.jpg


Give your team the skills, training, and development they need to grow for themselves and your organization. If you are willing to give them a direction for growth from within, you are building future leaders.



Our workshops are designed to be highly customizable, ensuring that each session is tailored to meet the specific requirements of YOUR company.

These team building activities do not involve riding the horse, and all that is required is a willing mindset and closed-toed shoes. Perhaps your favorite clothes should be left at home. We can work with groups of up to 18 people, and we would be delighted to discuss with you how we can create a program tailored to the size of your team. 

Your team will leave equipped with the tools they’ll need in their day-to-day lives. Our experienced facilitators provide a safe and comfortable space to brainstorm, solve problems, and even engage in critical thinking – all while keeping it fun. Whether it’s helping with critical problem-solving or unlocking an employee’s true potential – no matter what your goals are, we’ll help make them a reality. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help you reach your organization's full potential!

Women's Personal Growth Workshop Dallas, Texas
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My teacher taught me that she really trusted me to give her direction, yet my lack of leadership left her confused on what to do. I had to figure out how to guide and collaborate in a way she and I both understand, not just me understanding.


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