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Personal + Professional Coaching for
Emotional Wellbeing

personal and professional life coaching for women dallas, texas

Personal & Professional Life Coaching

Life Coaching For Women

Life Coaching For Women

Many professional women struggle with perfectionism, imposter syndrome, guilt, people-pleasing and never being

good enough.

You’re seldom satisfied with your work because “you know you could have done a better job”.

You take your responsibility to others seriously and feel like a failure if you disappoint someone.

You’re the master of “getting things done”. Now, you’re on the edge of burnout, but you don’t know how to stop.

You’re harder on yourself than anyone else is. You may even say “you’re your own worst enemy”.

coaching for professional women dallas, texas
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Gen is wise beyond her years and has been an amazing life-coach during some extremely difficult transitions in my career. I have a global skin care business and am a stay at home mom. The biggest thing that has come through our weekly conversations is my ability to understand where my priorities are and helping me to find my purpose. Gen has patiently helped to cut through the noise, frustrations and my own blocks that were preventing me from not only growing my business but from being happy where I was. I started working with Gen when I found myself in a state of constant disappointment and was not satisfied with my day-to-day accomplishments, it was never enough. Gen has helped me to: pinpoint the blockages, to be honest with myself and helped me to realize that despite my best efforts, I am only one person. While working with her, I have changed my outlook, re-prioritized my daily routine to make time for what is important and rejuvenated my business. One of the things that makes working with Gen so refreshing is how she is personally invested in you. She cares for you and wants you to live a life you love. Our calls may not always be easy, but difficult subjects are always handled respectfully and tactfully while still getting to the heart of the matter.

Kristee B.

Genevieve Nicholas Saddle Up Life Skills


Meet Genevieve Nicholas

High achievers have big expectations and high standards for themselves and others.
Despite looking like they have control, they feel out of control on the inside and uncomfortable in their own skin. They’re often anxious, distracted, overwhelmed, and feel responsible for others’ emotions and well-being. Anything less than perfection makes them feel like a failure. (Ask me how I know.)
I’ve operated Girl In Spurs for more than 2 years and understand these struggles well. I played small for far too long, hiding my insecurities in reading the latest how-to book, finding a “better” strategy or “trying really hard” along with buying all the online self-help courses. Everything shifted for good when I started acknowledging my own needs, showing up as the real me, and taking action.
I’ve positively impacted the lives of many clients. Now, I want to partner with my horse advisors to help you unleash the confident leader that lives within you.

Schedule a conversation and let’s talk about how playing big and leaning into pleasure can impact not only your overall well-being but also influence those that surround you!


What are the next steps?


Book A Call

Schedule a conversation and let’s talk about how playing big and leaning into pleasure can impact not only your overall well-being but also influence those that surround you!


Create A Customized Plan

On our discovery call, we'll talk about EVERYTHING! Once our call is done, I will put together a customized plan that fits you and your lifestyle.


Get Started

There's only one thing left to do... and it's to get started! Mark down all the important info on your calendar and let's get to it! Stepping outside of your comfort zone isn't always easy, but we assure you that this will be life-changing!

We look forward to helping you unleash the confident leader that lives within you!

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